Wargame terrain scenery Rock Formation set Warhammer Warmachine Saga 40K KoW

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One set of three bases as seen in the picture. The rock formations pictured are an example of the quality terrain we hand craft for your wargame table.

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Each piece is based on hardboard so it will last through years of regular use while adding natural features to your games. The model is for scale purposes only and is not included. In addition to the rocks each base has several clumps of scrub and some small stones. They also have a couple of tufts of tall grass. We use only high quality materials in our terrain such as Woodland Scenincs and Army Painter, all expertly combined to make natural looking terrain at a great price. If you buy multiple sets I will combine shipping to save you $$$. Please allow me to send you an invoice so shipping can be calculated correctly. Internal buyers please allow me to send an invoice so shipping costs can be calculated. We added close ups of another set so you can see the detail better.